voices for innovation – oh dear…

I just received a card inviting me to “Join Voices for Innovation today and have your say”.

Voices for Innovation, supported by Microsoft, is a community of voices with differing opinions and different experiences,

Sounds ok so far…

all working for the same goal: briefing policymakers on the importance of intellectual property protection…

Not so ok to me.

Looks to me like this is about Software Patents. We don’t have them yet in Europe. I think they are a bad thing. We didn’t need them to get to where we are, and we don’t need them going forward. I’m signed to FFII, with the hope of preventing their adoption in Europe.

Again, not wishing to turn this blog into a campaign site, comments are NOT invited on this thread. If you think sw patents are a good thing, head on over to Voices For Innovation. If you think they are a bad thing, have a look at FFII. If you are undecided, look at both and make up your own mind.

Posted by creacog

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