creative-cognition builds a flash game

The makers of StarCraft need have no fear, but I finally got around to implementing my first Flash based game. A simple retro tennis style game, built as a brand building exercise and integrated by my client into a Facebook application.

CVL-Tennis thumbnail

This was a fun project to work on and programme. To initially build a pure AS3 application, and to later integrate that with Flash CS3 when the real graphics were ready.

It was also an exercise in use of MVC. Since we did not use PureMVC nor any other other framework, using this pattern loaded the initial development with some seemingly onerous complexity. However the time invested later paid off in allowing easy adaptation of that game engine to the various graphics and controllers tried through testing.

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thanks to Adobe and Sean McSharry for tonight’s poker

I’d never played poker before, and thoroughly enjoyed it, while it lasted. There where 8 tables of 9 players. I was on Table 8. Eight believed to be a lucky number by the Chinese. The first 3 knocked out of the tournament were all on my table – including me! 🙁

loser tee shirt

So now the proud owner of a rare (1 of 5) “Poker Tournament I : Loser” tee shirt. But a really fun night just glad it wasn’t real money. Roll on the next one.

a shout to my corporate site


After a number of years of content-neglect, and problems of client confidentiality, I’ve finally got around to posting up a case-study covering some simple Flash based work samples. (Note: work samples, not code samples). Flash platform case-studies will be being posted more regularly here on in. But kicking off now with three bespoke user-interface elements : A special accordion, a minimal bouncing menu and a HTMLtext text builder.

The user-interface elements presented may not set the artistic Flash world on fire, but each represent very specific design solutions. They were also interesting and fun to programme.

Bespoke user-interface elements.