Summer 2019

I admit I am writing this retrospectively in 2020 and setting the publish date back to 2019, the context of these words.

My break from my employer was much needed, and the last months of 2018 I look back on as a vital de-stressing time. I did, as planned, explore a few VR applications from a user point of view, having got hold of an oculus Go and it was fun to send my Dad into space. I spent some time working through a LinkedIn Learning course on Unity, to get a feel for the development steps involved in getting an application onto the Go. I enjoyed the experience, however the application build times were enormous on my old Mac. I wrote up a few notes at the time. I also found a fairly comprehensive Product Management course on Udemy to work through: Become a Product Manager | Learn the Skills & Get the Job.

As we entered 2019, it started to become clear that my father’s cancer journey was taking a turning for the worse and after a frankly horrible time for him and those closest, we lost him this summer. My sister especially put a huge amount of time into building the family tree on ancestry. My contribution mostly in the form of PhotoShop restoration and repair of old family photos.

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