worth a view…

Video of Christian Cantrell demonstrating an Amazon S3 (which I didn’t know existed) library and client application in Apollo using the soon to exist Apollo Beta.

Not sure what he’s been drinking (cup of pink stuff) but even with the empties, his desk is far tidier than mine.

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apollo book available for download

“Apollo for Adobe Flex Developers Pocket Guide” available to download here.

Includes a link to get it from Amazon. Personally I prefer to have the printed document at my side. This book at 108 pages, is just about small enough to print at home, and with 2up full duplex I get four document pages per sheet of A4. However without introducing some scaling, you will end up with tiny text surrounged by huge white margins.

Which brings me to something of bug-bear with Adobe Reader on the Mac. It doesn’t allow me to do a sensible print preview. Nor does it give me the level of control over the print that I require. Fortunately this book renders correctly in Apple Preview. From which setting scale to 140% in page setup, then printing layout at 2 per page, full duplex gives me good results!

So all that remains is to get hold of the Apollo alpha. Watching this space. (Update: download now available)

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lfpug again 22nd Feb

Looks again like two good presentations tonight at the LFPUG in London…

  • Smoke, Fire and Water – Creating Realistic Procedural Bitmap Effects (19:00 – 20:00) – Alias Cummins
  •  Apollo: The unofficial WTF ( 20:15 – 21:15 ) – Dan Thomas

Unfortunately work commitments are going to keep me away, but I’ll have my fingers crossed that the live feed will be in operation, and I will be snooping in.

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New flex dot-one, one day away

In case you missed it we have a new Flex dot release (2.0.1) due in the next 24 hours. Very significant for us Mac users – time to get the full version and pay for it!

I was hoping that there might be a simultaneous Apollo release. But while this version introduces development support for Apollo, the beta version seems to have a way to go yet.

More detail of the new features here.

Anyway, “Ted On Flex” seems excited! (A blog worth signing-up to if you are interested in Flex)

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