losing access to Gemini

Slightly off-topic for this site, but I am constantly amazed by the UK Government’s ability to waste money within it’s own operations and withdraw comparatively small amounts from really useful projects thus crippling them and the benefits about to be reaped from the investments so-far made. The UK’s funding cut is about to exclude us from the multinational Gemini project as reported on the bbc news site. This I think is particularly short-sighted (excuse the pun) and it feels like the rug being pulled from under us. Particularly after projects such as Galaxy Zoo have done such a good job of increasing awareness and participation in this science.

If you are UK based and wish to stand against this decision, there is a Downing Street petition you can sign. There is more information and more actions you can take on the save astronomy site.

Save Astronomy

The Gemini UK office home page.

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