apple update includes flash player (9.0.28)…

If, as suggested by JD’s post, the latest Adobe Flash Player will continue to be included in Apple System updates, this can only be a good thing for shoring-up and keeping the installed base current.

Unfortunately this morning’s update trampled over my debug player (already at version 9.0.28) replacing it with the standard plug-in. This is going to hit loads of developers similarly. It would be nice if Apple could add a rule to the updater to respect the presence of the debug player. That said, it isn’t a big deal to simply re-run the player’s installer from the Adobe Flex Builder 2 ‘Player’ folder.

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John Barrett

I saw your comment on JD’s blog, and I was wondering if you could point me to where to update the debug flash player(I like to keep everything up to date). I am currently using 9.0r16, seems like you have found a newer version.

I don’t have the flex builder, as I use a ANT script to compile flex. Is there a download on adobe’s page without downloading flex builder.

I already tried the trial of flex builder on the mac, WOW!, but it ran out:(
I wish I had the money for it, but I am a poor student who just likes player with flex`-`

The debug player I am using is 9.0.28. It is included in Flex Builder 2 (2.0.1) full version. The Beta contained a previous version, not sure what version is in the current trial.

Looks like you can get it from this page on the Adobe site (I haven’t tried myself)…

Having said all that, I’m not sure how useful the debug version player is to you in your current setup? It simply provides the hooks for a debug application to communicate with the running SWF. In my case that is the Flex Builder debug tool then in future, the yet-to-be-released Flash 9 IDE. I’m not aware of any 3rd party or OpenSource debug tools capable of hooking into the debug player?

As for the pricing, you’d pay less in Hawaii than I had to in the UK. ( ). Also I think Adobe have education pricing for students?

John Barrett

Thanks so much for the link, I was able to find the debug version for the mac`-` I replaced my old one with this one(9.0r28). I am not sure if this makes any difference, but I do like to keep the latest version of the player.

WOW! 29% more, that is crazy! I checked the education site, thank for the link. I have bought all my Adobe software from the bookstore at school here in Hawaii.

I have the flash 9 preview, which also has the version 9.0r16, so I guess it does not matter about this new version.

The is a swf preview that I use in eclipse, I am not sure if it connects to the debug player, but it is a way to view swf files in eclipse(without flex builder).

Thanks so much for your help`-`
I am a newbie at this, after taking Java and Coldfusion at the University of Hawaii I discovered flex, and I love it!

John Barrett

Thank you creacog !
I just checked the education store for flex builder, and it costs $99.00, I am so stoked! I can even afford this.

Thanks so much for pointing this out to me, I owe you big time`-`
Thanks again

I miss being a student.

Hi Creacog,
I read your blog as well as the comments on the page. I am a student right now and I am working on a small project. I am eager to work on the debug player. Can you tell me the location from where I can download the flash debug player for an Intel MAC?

I have no problem to even work with older version of the flash debug player.
Please help me..

Thanks in Advance

Hi Nirmal. The page I link to from my comment of 15th March includes a link to the Intel MAC version.

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