2006 iMac? perhaps AppleCare more important

Having just read a tale of woe regarding  a dead 2006 iMac, and the indications that this may be a particular issue with those machines, it is looking like AppleCare should be considered by owners far more seriously than normally would be the case. If the logic board dies in the way described, the machine as a whole, which should realistically be good for a couple more years productive life, will become an echonomic right-off.

While initial cost of ownership of Apple machines stacks up with similarly configured PCs, the cost of repair – particularly of the logic board is shocking.


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I bought a used, late 2006 intel-imac… Payed a lot of money for it.. When it finaly arives I had an unplessent surprice.. the X1600 videocard is dead — No warranty and the seller won’t respont to my mails :'(..

@to bad :that looks like a clear breech by the seller – and in the UK a case for the small claims court, assuming the seller can be identified.

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