No CMD-SPACE in Flash Builder since Snow Leopard

Ok so CMD-SPACE is the default short cut to launch Spotlight. But I wanted that combo for ‘content assist’ with Flex/Flash Builder. Until installing Snow Leopard, that is what I had for a few years, and Spotlight relegated to CTRL-SPACE. However since SnowLeopard, the CMD-SPACE combo is not transmitted to Flash Builder. I assume this is down to Snow Leopard somehow reserving the combination. So begrudgingly I have returned to defaults…

Spotlight : CMD-SPACE
Flash Builder content assist : CTRL-SPACE

3 thoughts on “No CMD-SPACE in Flash Builder since Snow Leopard

  1. update: Weirdly, while this continues to be a problem with my Mac Pro running 10.6.2, on a MacBook Pro running 10.6.2, it is not a problem, I can use CMD-SPACE within Flash Builder. Weird and annoying differences.

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