Fireworks CS4 text issue – temporary workaround

Fireworks CS4 users have been suffering an odd text shifting problem where text becomes difficult to select and renders outside it’s bounding box while editing.  Today an extension was released providing a temporary workaround in by Arun Kaza’s 12/16/2008 10:13:25 AM post on page 3 of this thread.

Adobe DW subversion guides – please don’t forget deletion!

Wishing those at Adobe writing about DreamWeaver’s wonderful subversion integration would not keep omitting Deletion. Perhaps it is because deletion is not implemented in any automated sense (link) in DreamWeaver’s subversion client and the only sensible way to manage deletions or indeed renames (which as far as subversion is concerned is delete old file and add new file) is to use a 3rd party client. In my opinion this is all the more reason to mention this in articles like that in December’s EDGE “A guide to Subversion integration in Adobe Dreamweaver CS4”. Failing to provide notes on file deletions and file renames is going to leave newbie subversion users in a bit of a mess, with old files hanging around, or being restored when not expected following a revert.

My earlier notes related: Dreamweaver CS4, Subversion and site Synchronize. Two cautions.